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Kapilab Starter Kit
  • -€12.85

Kapilab Starter Kit

€52.00 €64.85
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)

Faster and Professional Application

You will be able to use the Kapilab keratin fibers with all the necessary accessories to obtain a professional result.

CheckKapilab Fibers 12.50 gr.
CheckSpray Applicator.
CheckHairline Comb.
CheckFixing Lacquer.
Kapilab Trial Set
  • -€8.90

Kapilab Trial Set

€35.00 €43.90
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)


Get started with this Fiber Kit of 12,50gr and Fiberhold Spray of 250 ml

Keratin fibers of Kapilab are used to disguise the lack of hair in women and men; with Kapilab Fiberhold Spray you will achieve a greater fixation of the fibers and a more natural result that no one will notice.

Check Natural results
Check Fiber 12,5gr - Lacquer 250ml
Check Everything you need for a full head of hair
Check Dermatologically tested
Check Easy and fast application
Check Remove by shampooing

Kapilab Maxi Set 25gr
  • -€11.90

Kapilab Maxi Set 25gr

€47.00 €58.90
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)

Natural and long-lasting result with the 25gr Hair Fiber Kit and 250ml fixing lacquer

Kapilab hair fibers are specially designed to hide baldness, creating a greater sensation of volume in both men and women. With the use of fibers, made from keratin, you will obtain a totally natural result, which you can prolong for a longer time with the fixing lacquer. With the lacquer you will achieve a greater fixation of the hair fibers, preventing their fall and achieving a longer duration without shine or residue. To remove them, it is enough with water and shampoo. 

Check Natural Result
Check Fiber 25gr - Lacquer 250ml
Check Adheres naturally
CheckDermatologically tested
Check Quick and easy application
CheckRemove by shampooing

Kapilab Tool Pack

(5/5) on 1 rating(s)

Get a more professional result

This kit is composed of a comb + Kapilab Spray Applicator. Using the comb to apply the fibers you will achieve a spectacular result. In addition, with the help of the Kapilab Applicator Spray, you will see how the fibers adhere to the hair with greater precision, managing to cover the areas with finer hair in a more uniform way with a natural result. Designed for the use on all Kapilab Keratin Fiber sizes.

Check Greater Precision.
Check Natural Results.
Check Ideal for adding volume.
Check Fits on all sizes
CheckEasy and fast application.
Check Save fibers with each application.
Anti Hair Loss Pack
  • -€16.90

Anti Hair Loss Pack

€44.95 €61.85
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)

Take care of the health of your hair

If you notice how your hair falls out or is weakened, this pack is perfect to alleviate hair loss. The Kapilab anti-fall pack consists of the following products:

CheckStimulating Shampoo.
CheckNourishing Conditioner.
CheckHair Vitamins.
Kapilab Keratin Fibers 50gr Kapilab Keratin Fibers 50gr
  • -€29.95

Kapilab Keratin Fibers 50gr

€49.95 €79.90
(5/5) on 1 rating(s)


Thicker hair in 30 seconds.

Kapilab Keratin fibers are used to conceal hair loss in women and men; Its electrostatic property makes it adhere to the hair naturally. By applying them you will be able to increase the volume of the hair in a matter of seconds covering the areas with greater hair loss or thinnest hair.

Check Natural result.
Check Easy and fast application.
Check Adheres naturally.
Check Dermatologically tested.
Check Format: 2 x 25 gr.
Check Remove by washing with shampoo.