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Stimulating Shampoo to prevent hair loss and show off your healthy hair

Stimulating shampoo for hair growth with re-densifying complex that prevents hair from thinning. It Improves and thickens the hair to prevent premature fall while nourishing it.

Check Stimulates hair growth
Check Helps preventing hair loss.
Check Provides volume
Check Contains DHT blockers
Check Paraben and Sulfate free
Check Improves scalp health.


Excellent hair growth stimulation on human scalp + 46% with 40 ppm of Kapilab Shampoo + 12% with 4 ppm of Kapilab Shampoo.



Our stimulating Shampoo is especially designed for men and women who seek to maintain the vitality of their hair and prevent premature hair loss. Its daily use reduces hair loss by providing volume, shine and strength from its first application, stimulating the hair for stronger and healthier growth, maintaining it with a high quality formula and helping the growth of new hair. In addition, it combines an anti-DHT action to prevent the creation of fat near the scalp, which is the main cause for weakening of hair. Its formula manages to lengthen the axis of the hair and progressively improving its strength.

Its fragrance brings a fresh sensation and a pleasant smell, which will make you feel better every time you use it.

Dermatologically tested even in sensitive scalps. It can be used as a reinforcement in people who use anti-hair loss treatments with Minoxidil, since this anti-fall shampoo contains different growth factors that will help you achieve a greater hair volume.



The bases of Kapilab's stimulating shampoo do not include sulfates or parabens, which are often used in cheaper shampoos of low quality.

Our formula includes active ingredients used for the treatment of hair loss. After several studies, it has been demonstrated that these ingredients have specific anti-DHT properties that help improve hair health.

Using it on a daily basis will help you achieve a healthy scalp, preventing premature hair loss even in very extreme cases, and stimulating an optimal hair growth. Kapilab stimulating shampoo, offers greater hair growth in its Anagen phase and less hair loss in its catagen phase.

Kapilab stimulating shampoo, offers greater hair growth in its Anagen phase and less loss in its catagen phase.

ts effectiveness can vary in each person depending on the causes and your level of hair loss. The results can be seen after a few weeks from initial treatment, obtaining maximum results after a few months of use.






Uso Champú Kapilab

- Apply the Kapilab Shampoo on wet hair, performing a gentle massage with the fingertips on the scalp which will facilitate the performance of the product.

-Leave on for 2 minutes and rinse with water.

* It is recommended to repeat the application to obtain better results and leave the product to act between 3 and 5 minutes, then use the Kapilab Conditioner.



I love this product! My new go to!


Nice Product

Does not weight hair down and leaves hair smooth.



perfect for my hair...thick.

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