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Kapilab Tool Pack

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Get a more professional result

This kit is composed of a comb + Kapilab Spray Applicator. Using the comb to apply the fibers you will achieve a spectacular result. In addition, with the help of the Kapilab Applicator Spray, you will see how the fibers adhere to the hair with greater precision, managing to cover the areas with finer hair in a more uniform way with a natural result. Designed for the use on all Kapilab Keratin Fiber sizes.

Check Greater Precision.
Check Natural Results.
Check Ideal for adding volume.
Check Fits on all sizes
CheckEasy and fast application.
Check Save fibers with each application.

What are Kapilab Keratin Fibers?

Kapilab hair fibers are microfibers in keratin powder that are applied to hair to achieve greater volume and conceal hair loss. The results are very convincing and unnoticeable, in addition to being easy to apply and stainless. Keratin is a protein of fibrous structure found in the outer layers of the epidermis and other organs derived from the ectoderm, such as hair and nails. Thus, being formed of the same organic compound as hair, the results of the application of hair fibers is completely natural and impossible to detect by third parties. They'll only know your secret if you reveal it. The secret of its effectiveness not only lies in that it is a natural product, but also in the electrostatic charge contained in the hair fibers, allowing for a perfect and lasting adherence in the hair. Improve your hair appearance in a matter of seconds!

Although they are the best option to reduce hair loss, its multiple benefits also adds volume and density to thin and lifeless hair or cover the roots with gray hair. There are increasingly many men and women around the world who rely on this fantastic product to improve their self-esteem.




The hair fibers can be used daily thanks to its rapid application and fixation, in addition, it does not produce any stains. In addition to being dermatologically tested, its use is completely safe on the skin and does not cause irritation or other types of discomfort. Using them will not slow hair growth or cause hair loss. If you want to use our fibers after having performed a hair transplant or transplant, you must wait until the wounds have healed and a have the approval from a dermatologist to use this type of product.

To reinforce the fixation of our fibers to the hair, we recommend using the Kapilab Fiberhold Spray. Using it will make the product last longer on the hair, avoiding it from falling under strong wind conditions, rain or excessive sweating. You will obtain a natural fixation without shine or residues.

Gama Colores Fibras Kapilab


Keratin Kapilab hair fibers are available in 7 different shades, allowing our customers to select the tone that most resembles their original color and achieve spectacular results. For an optimal result, we recommended using the color shade of the root for hair with more than one shade or strands. Another option is to combine two different shades of Kapilab Keratin fibers, always using the darker shade as a base and retouching it with the lighter one.

With the Kapilab Hairline comb you can apply Kapilab products much more naturally to your hair without worrying about leaving unnecessary stains when you use our products. It is perfect to help you place your hair together with the Hair Fibers, since you will be able to better select the shape you want to give your hair and the way in which you want your hair fibers to stick to it.

tool kit

kapilab tool kit


- Place the comb in the area where you want to hide the baldness.
- Apply on top of the comb and the hair in such a way that when separating the comb, the fibers have adhered to the hair simulating the hair in the desired area.

Below you will find a series of points to take into account when using our Kapilab Keratin fibers:

Check Easy and fast application.
Check It does not stain.
Check It adheres naturally to the hair, increasing its fixation with the Kapilab lacquer.
Check Thanks to its electro static property, the fibers remain in the hair under wind, rain and sweating.
Check The use of fixing lacquer is recommended to reinforce its fixation to the hair.
Check When adhering to the hair, the Kapilab fibers will not damage the growth of the hair since it does not obstruct the follicles.
Check Easily washed out with shampoo.
Check Product tested dermatologically.
Check Formatos disponibles: 5gr - 12,50gr - 25gr.
Check Available formats: 5gr - 12,50gr - 25gr.
Check 5gr bottle: It lasts approximately 1 - 12 applications.
Check 12,50 gr bottle: It lasts approximately 1 month.
Check 29 gr bottle: It lasts approximately 2 months.
Check Natural result, no one will notice that you have used a hair product.

* As established in the European regulation CE 1223/2009, as of July 2013, all distributors and manufacturers of cosmetic products are required to declare them. In the hair fiber market, there are a large number of brands that import their products from outside the European Community (mainly from China) without complying with this type of regulation, generating questions regarding possible damages resulting from this type of products without European Certificates.

At Kapilab, we certify that all our products comply with the quality and safety standards required by the European Community in terms of the sale of cosmetic products.

Thus, our Keratin fibers have been registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) with registration number: 2636327.


Good tools!

This makes it easier to apply the fibers. If you use the hair fibers this makes the day easier.

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