Kapilab Starter Kit

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Faster and Professional Application

You will be able to use the Kapilab keratin fibers with all the necessary accessories to obtain a professional result.

CheckKapilab Fibers 12.50 gr.
CheckSpray Applicator.
CheckHairline Comb.
CheckFixing Lacquer.









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If you are starting to use Kapilab fibers for the first time and do not know how to do it, we recommend purchasing this starter kit that will help you achieve a professional application.

Thanks to the accessories that this kit is made up of, you will be able to save product in each application and will be able to do it more easily and more quickly.

The following are the steps to follow for its correct use:

1.- Shake the fiber bottle well, remove the lid and screw it onto the applicator.

2.- Apply the product by pressing the upper part of the applicator spray to place the fibers in the desired place. With the other hand, use the Kapilab Hairline Comb to define the lines of the hair.

3.- Finally, apply the fixing lacquer to achieve better adhesion of the kapilab fibers to your hair, increasing its durability.

The application of Kapilab fibers is very fast and easy

Below we detail the steps to follow, for the correct application. Thanks to its natural adhesion, It doesn’t take long to get the desired look.

1.- Shake the bottle before using the fibers to avoid them being caked with each other and adhere in a better way.

2.- It is advisable to have your hair clean and dry before applying the fibers.

3.- Use a brush or comb to achieve the desired final look you like, after applying the keratin fibers.

4.- Apply the keratin fibers of Kapilab in areas where you want to increase the thickness of the hair and thus eliminate visible areas with hair loss.

5.- Use Kapilab Fiberhold Spray to achieve a better adhesion of the fibers to the hair.

Below you will find a series of points to take into account when using our Kapilab Keratin fibers:

Check Easy and fast application.
Check It does not stain.
Check It adheres naturally to the hair, increasing its fixation with the Kapilab lacquer.
Check Thanks to its electro static property, the fibers remain in the hair under wind, rain and sweating.
Check The use of fixing lacquer is recommended to reinforce its fixation to the hair.
Check When adhering to the hair, the Kapilab fibers will not damage the growth of the hair since it does not obstruct the follicles.
Check Easily washed out with shampoo.
Check Product tested dermatologically.
Check Formatos disponibles: 5gr - 12,50gr - 25gr.
Check Available formats: 5gr - 12,50gr - 25gr.
Check 5gr bottle: It lasts approximately 1 - 12 applications.
Check 12,50 gr bottle: It lasts approximately 1 month.
Check 29 gr bottle: It lasts approximately 2 months.
Check Natural result, no one will notice that you have used a hair product.

* As established in the European regulation CE 1223/2009, as of July 2013, all distributors and manufacturers of cosmetic products are required to declare them. In the hair fiber market, there are a large number of brands that import their products from outside the European Community (mainly from China) without complying with this type of regulation, generating questions regarding possible damages resulting from this type of products without European Certificates.

At Kapilab, we certify that all our products comply with the quality and safety standards required by the European Community in terms of the sale of cosmetic products.

Thus, our Keratin fibers have been registered in the European Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) with registration number: 2636327.


Very happy.

I had never used the fibers before. Using all these Kapilab products seemed very easy to me. Now I use the fibers daily.

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