Hair Fibers
What are Kapilab hair fibers?

Kapilab hair fibers are the perfect solution for anyone with hair loss or thin hair, because they are the perfect candidates to conceal these imperfections and show a more voluminous, stronger and shinier hair.

Do hair fibers stain clothes?

No, hair fibers do not create any type of stain on clothing. The hair fibers come off easily by simply shaking the clothes lightly.

What is the best way of choosing a Kapilab hair fiber color for my hair?

Kapilab has a wide variety of colors, so our recommendation is to choose between the two colors that come closest to the color of your hair, choose the darkest because it will give a much more natural result since the roots are darker.

How long does each Kapilab hair fiber product last?

Everything depends on the frequency of its use and the needed amount, usually the 12gr product can last 1 month, the 27.5gr can be used for 2 months, and the 55gr. roughly 4 months.

What is the minimum hair size for using Kapilab hair fibers?

The minimum size is 1 cm, this is the recommended size so that hair fibers can adhere perfectly.

Can two tones of hair fibers be mixed?

Yes, you can mix different tones of fibers in order to achieve your desired hair tone. We recommend applying the darkest tone first followed by the lightest shade.

Can Kapilab fibers affect hair growth?

Kapilab hair fibers use 100% natural ingredients, so it does not promote or harm hair growth.

Will Kapilab hair fibers fall if it rains?

Kapilab hair fibers are ultra resistant to wind and rain, so they remain in the hair without any complications. However, we recommend using Kapilab fixative spray to achieve achieve better results.

Can the fibers cover gray hair?

Since the fibers will adhere to the hair, it will cover part of the gray hair reducing the contrast.

Do Kapilab hair fibers affect the hair negatively?

No, Kapilab hair fibers do not affect hair negatively because they are made of the same nutrient than those from human hair.

What are the Kapilab Hair Fibers made of?

Kapilab hair fibers are made of Keratin, which is a 100% natural compound and a protein which is from the same nutrient from human hair.

Can I use hairdressing accessories with the fibers?

We do not advise using dryers, curling irons or shapers after applying Kapilab fibers. This should be done prior to product application.

Can the fibers be seen up close?

Kapilab microfibers are tiny and offer a natural result, if applied correctly, they will come unnoticed.

How do I remove hair fibers?

To remove the fibers from your head simply wash it with your usual shampoo and you will no longer see them.

Can I use Kapilab fibers if I underwent hair transplant?

The application of fibers is not recommended until the wounds have healed. Once healed, you can use the product without any problems.

Which courier company will deliver my order?

We ship worldwide using the services of the following courier companies: UPS, DHL, GLS, POSTAL SERVICES.
Depending of country destination, delivery time can be from 2 to 5 days.

How many days will my order take to arrive to my address?

Depending on the country of delivery, your order may take between 2 and 5 days.

Payment Methods
How can I pay for my order?

You can pay your order through one of the following forms of payment:

1.- Credit/Debit Card


3.- Cash on delivery (A 2,00 euro comission fee)

4.- Bank wire

Can I change the color of my Kapilab hair fibers if it does not match my hair color?

Once the product has been opened, we do not accept returns. We also have small samples to test the ideal color for your hair. In addition, you can mix the colors of the hair fibers to achieve your desired hair fiber color which best matches your hair color.

Can I get my money back if I am not satisfied with a Kapilab product?

Yes, as long as the product has not been opened. Kapilab will not accept any returns for products that have been opened.

Can I return or change my order?

Yes, as long as the products have not been opened, and up to 30 days after the receipt of your order.