Discover how Kapilab products work and how they will help you increase your hair volume.

Kapilab Keratin Fibers

Achieving the look of your dreams is possible with Kapilab, thanks to its Keratin fibers you are able to cover areas with hair loss, achieving a natural and impeccable finish.

But what are kapilab hair fibers exactly? Kapilab hair fibers are keratin powder microparticles that are applied to hair to improve its appearance, achieving practically miraculous results.

Keratin is a protein of fibrous structure found in the outer layers of the epidermis and other organs derived from the ectoderm, such as hair and nails. Beeing formed of the same organic compound as hair, the results of the application of hair fibers is completely natural and impossible to detect by third parties. They will only know your secret if you reveal it.

Kapilab Magnetic Fibres

Natural adhesion

The secret of its effectiveness lies in the electrostatic charge contained in hair fibers, allowing for a perfect and lasting adherence in the hair. Improve your hair appearance in a matter of seconds! Although they are the best option to reduce the visible effect of hair loss, its multiple benefits also adds volume and density to thin and lifeless hair and to cover the roots in gray hair.There are increasingly men and women around the world who rely on this fantastic product to improve their self-esteem.
The hair fibers can be used daily due to its rapid application and fixation, and it does not stain. In addition to being dermatologically tested, its use is completely skin safe and does not cause irritation or other types of discomfort.

How to use kapilab?

Improve the appearance of your hair in a mater of seconds by following these simple steps:

1.-Firmly shake the Kapilab hair fiber pack to help load them statically and prevent it from caking and to facilitate its application.

2.- Apply the product 10 cm of the scalp, sprinkling the hair fibers around the desired areas you wish to cover. It is important to apply the necessary amount, exceeding the application of fibers will create an unnatural effect.

3.- Apply the Kapilab fixing lacquer to increase the adhesion between the Kapilab keratin fibers and the hair. Spray the product about 30 cm from your hair. This last step is very important since a good fixation will guarantee that your hairstyle will resist any long day, sweat or weather factors such as rain or wind.

Although the application of the product is simple and intuitive, its use requires practice. You will achieve ever more amazing results after each application.

Colores Kapilab

Range of colors.

Keratin Kapilab hair fibers are available in 7 different shades, allowing our customers to find the tone that most closely resembles their original color and achieve spectacular results without artificial shades, that do not shine. For an optimal result, we recommended using the color of the root for hairs with more than one shade or strands. Another option that some of our clients use is to combine two different shades of Kapilab Keratin fibers, always using the darker shade as a base and retouching it with the lighter one.

To use the product correctly, it should always be applied to dry and combed hair. Wet hair will make it difficult for the hair fibers to stick statically, making it difficult to achieve a good result. Also, combing the hair or using tools such as dryers, irons or curling tongs will remove part of the applied fibers. Therefore, Keratin Kapilab hair fibers should be applied once the hair has been groomed, combed or styled. To avoid caking and stiffening of the hair through the use of fixing lacquer, it is very important to be careful in its application and to vaporize a moderate quantity. If applied correctly, the natural hair movement will be preserved while ensuring that the hair fibers remain intact. In addition, excessive use of lacquer can make the hair dirty.

To achieve an optimal result on your forehead, we recommend using the Kapilab Hairline Comb.This accessory has specially designed spikes that separate the keratin fibers during their application, preventing them from accumulating. Thanks to the perfect distribution of the fibers offered by the Kapilab Hairline Comb, the hair line is perfectly simulated. It is the perfect accessory for those who want to conceal their receding hairline or cover the lack of hair on the front side. As we have already pointed out, it is very important not to saturate the hair with the hair fibers and apply the correct quantity. In addition to saving product and prolonging its use, the result will be even more natural.

Although a perfect application is a matter of practice, the use of Kapilab Spray Applicator helps spread keratin hair fibers more accurately. This accessory distributes the keratin fibers evenly, achieving a perfect finish. It is also recommended to cover more accurately the lack of density in the hairline. Combining its use along with the Hairline Kapilab comb will offer a professional finish.

To use the Spray Applicator, you simply have to screw it onto the container of keratin fibers and press it to disperse the hair fibers. The accessory is fully compatible with the whole range of Kapilab keratin fiber container sizes.



Removing the Kapilab keratin fibers is as easy as applying them. You simply have to wash your hair with shampoo and plenty of water.Although you can use your usual shampoo, we recomment our stimulating Shampoo which helps to redensify and stimulate your hair growth.

To keep the product in perfect condition and to preserve its quality and proper functioning, it is important to keep it free from humidity and store it at a moderate temperature.