Kapilab Scalp Mask

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Scalp Mask to cover scars and hide baldness in areas with thickening hair.

Kapilab Scalp Mask is a safe a natural way to make your hair look great again. Once applied thinning and thin areas on the scalp are no longer visible, making your hair look natural and full. The Kapilab Scalp Mask is often used as an alternative for the Kapilab Hair Fibers, but they can also be used together.

Check Conceals hair loss and thin hair.
Check Water resistant.
Check Safe & natural.
Check Alternative to hair fibers.
Check For both men & women.
Check Also perfect for scars.
Check Quick & easy application.

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Product available with different options

What is Scalp mask?

Kapilab Scalp Mask is made of the same natural keratin fibers as the Kapilab Hair Fibers, only now in a solid shape. This easy to use cosmetic product conceals hair loss and thinning areas on the scalp in a matter of seconds.
Scars, small bald spots and other imperfections on the scalp can also be concealed with ease without looking unnatural. The Kapilab Scalp Mask can be used as an alternative to hair fibers, although it can also be used in combination to achieve a natural and professional finish.



Kapilab Scalp Mask conceals thin or bald areas on the scalp completely natural. It is specially designed for fine or thin hair and can also be used for the eyebrows. The special formula gives the product natural adherence which will make it last throughout the day.
If you want to look even better and feel comfortable and confident with your hair again, you should make up your mind to make-up your hair, with Kapilab Scalp Mask.



Kapilab Scalp Mask can be used in many ways. To conceal hair loss on the vertex or crown area, to camouflage scars and small bald spots, to fill in thin areas when you have braids or pigtails, to delay your hair dyeing appointment, to thicken your eyebrows or just to give you that final touch of perfection.


Gama Colores Fibras Kapilab



Kapilab Scalp Mask is available in 4 different colors, allowing you to find the shade that most closely resembles the original color of your hair and achieve spectacular results. The colors look so natural that you won’t even notice it’s there after applying it. All you see is a full head of hair.

Kapilab Scalp Mask instructions:

Check Open the cap and remove the sponge from the bottom of the Scalp Mask.

Gently rub the sponge over the scalp mask formula.

Check Apply it on the desired area by gently stroking or patting the sponge on the scalp.

Check Repeat application until the scalp is no longer visible or until your happy with the result.



It covers my hair perfectly. Is a good product. I recommend it!

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